Hager GeoScience, Inc. (HGI) is a small woman-owned business (certified D/WBE in all six New England States, Delaware, and Pennsylvania) that since 1993 has been providing exceptional consulting services in geology and geophysics to metro Boston, New England, the United States, and Internationally.  The company provides innovative solutions to unusual subsurface problems by applying the principals' more than 60 combined years of experience in field and analytical geology and geophysics. HGI's tools include state-of-the-art equipment combined with computer-assisted data acquisition and analysis techniques and proprietary software.

Hager GeoScience, Inc. staff consists of professionals in geology and geophysics with undergraduate and graduate college degrees.  All of HGI’s staff is OSHA and LPS (Loss Prevention System) trained for work at contaminated and hazardous sites.  Safety is our number one priority while on the job site.

The President of HGI, Jutta Hager, Ph.D., has over 30 years of experience in the applications of geology and geophysics to environmental, geotechnical and hydrogeological consulting.  She has been responsible for all aspects of project management, from the proposal to the report stage.  She is a Certified Professional Geologist in the states of Delaware, Kentucky, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and Wyoming.

HGI’s Vice President of Operations, Mario Carnevale, M.S., has over 35 years of professional experience in engineering geology, geophysics, resource evaluation, and computer modeling.  He has a broad range of experience through work both for the US Geological Survey and industry and specializes in the interpretation of low-frequency ground penetrating radar (GPR), borehole logging, and seismic data.  He has provided expertise on projects ranging from GPR surveys in Puerto Rico and Guam to field mapping in the Amazon Valley of Brazil and evaluation of gold prospects in Siberia and Africa.  Mr. Carnevale is a Certified Professional Geologist in New Hampshire and North Carolina.