Characterizing subsurface conditions has become increasingly important as part of geotechnical or environmental investigations. Will buried obstructions interfere with the proposed borings? Are abandoned USTs present beneath a building floor slab? Are contaminant plumes from an old landfill moving toward residential wells? Hager GeoScience, Inc. (HGI) answers such questions for clients before they begin their drilling or excavation.

Drawing on our unique combination of geophysical and geological expertise and our ability to integrate data from different sources, we develop innovative solutions that focus the investigation, reduce the overall project cost, and help devise effective investigation strategies.

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What makes HGI different from the rest? We integrate the large variety of geophysical equipment with our vast knowledge in geology and geophysics.  We are a group of individuals that constantly think outside of the box and integrate information from different sources. It's our commitment to excellence, our willingness to go the extra mile to meet our clients' needs in a demanding world.  Everyone up to and including the president spends time working on projects and interacting with clients and vendors. We're constantly exposed to and own the latest equipment, software, and use the most advanced techniques in the industry. The bottom line is that we're a small business that is comprehensively focused on getting a superior job done for our clients, even if that means developing new approaches and/or software to provide the best product.

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