Recent Outreach Activities by HGI Personnel

Two of HGI’s geophysicists recently participated in local outreach and professional development activities.  Alex Buller (lower left) described the capabilities of GPR in his presentation for a NESPIN (New England State Police Information Network) training session entitled “Metal Sensing Technology & Crime Scene Investigation.”  The class was attended by approximately 25 police officers from local, state, and federal agencies around New England.

Justin Hertzog (lower right) presented a poster from his Master’s thesis research entitled “Seismic Refraction Analysis of the Upper Mantle Pn Wave through Northeastern North America” at the 82nd Annual Meeting of the Eastern Section of the Seismological Association of America.  He followed this with an oral presentation on the same topic to the monthly meeting of the New England Section of the Association of Environmental and Engineering Geologists.


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